The triumph of accesible Luxury

The Chef Dani Gracía has opened his most personal challenge in midst Puerto Banús: Lamoraga Ibérica pretends to be the perfect place to enjoy quality gastronomy at reasonable prices for everybody.

A place to meet “for my parents, my friends, for my people, normal people”. That way defines the Chef Dani García, Star Michelin thanks to the prestigious Restaurant Calima in Marbella, what for him is going to be his latest challenge: Lamoraga Ibérica in the centre of Puerto Banús. A restaurant with Japanese esthetic and spirit where you can enjoy typical mediterranean and andalusian flavors. Without doubt, for the most known Chef of the Costa del Sol , it was both a challenge and an aim to “open a Restaurant where people can enjoy a high quality cuisine for an accessible price”. Lamoraga represents the high cuisine at low cost.

The best of all is the concept: “It’s a Tapas Bar like others; clients arrive, order a beer and their Tapa of Ensaladilla rusa or whatsoever they wish, they pay and leave”, says García. The subtle difference to other Tapas Bars is that the arrangement of the Restaurant is such that the client can watch the cooks at work (the walls are of glass) meanwhile they sit at a spectacular bar like in a Japanese restaurant, but with Iberic touch (the wood is from Oak).

And the prices are accessible. There are Tapas from 3 or 4 Euros onwards and with 25 Euros each person you can eat very well.

From where comes this mixture Japo-Andaluz? “In Japan there is a lot of seafood like in Andalucía, although they prepare it in a completely different way. And we would like to innovate in the mixture”, explains Dani Garía.

The restaurant has space for 50 personas and several more on the terrace.

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