The magic of the Arabian market Ben-Al-Mádena

This cultural event will be celebrated from the 9th to the 13th of September in Benalmádena, Costa del Sol. Besides the possibility of purchasing articles there will be as well performances.

The streets of Benalmádena will turn in a meeting point for those who are fond of the Arabian culture, as this locality will welcome for the second consecutive year the zoco Ben-Al-Mádena. This way the calle Real, the Plaza de España and the Jardines del Muro will transform from 19.00 until 01.00 h into an authentic bazaar where visitors and tourists will be able to get familiar with this culture.

The event, which pretends to be the great Fiesta of the summer, counts with numerous artisan products, articles and performances as for instance belly dancing and other traditional presentations. On the other side there will be different spaces dedicated to gastronomy with tea and sweets. As well there will be several activities for children with handicraft workshops where they will be shown to elaborate figures with clay and baskets.

The town hall has as well indicated a close by car park in order to facilitate the access for visitors.

So, there is no excuse for not visiting the emblematic spots of Benalmádena and get carried by away by the magic Arabian world.

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