Opening of the Automobile Museum in Malaga

For mid-September is planned the opening of the new Automobile Museum in Malaga where will be installed a large exposition of cars, motors, objects created from parts of cars and there will be also several other activities related to this fascinating world.

There is a total of more than 80 different cars from the years between 1898 and 2010, including such remarkable models such as a steam driven car or one moved by a propeller. The most recent acquisition in the exposition is a prototype of ecological car moved by hydrogen.

Visitors of the Automobile Museum can enjoy a considerable exposition that includes a large number of different car models such as eccentric cars, tuned cars, British cars, cars that use alternative means to gasoline, cars designed as art pieces, dream cars and many more.

The different car models are grouped into several thematic areas which are describing the different styles that characterize the artistic developments of the twentieth century. Among this varied assortment are as well models representing major brands such as Hispanic, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Delage, Packard, Jaguar, Mercedes and Ferrari among many others.

Furthermore, there is a large selection of accessories such as upholstery in Bison, ostrich or crocodile, dashboards of pearl, ivory and silver handles, precious woods, headlights with Swarovski crystals, exotic accessories, etc., in other words, magnificent high-range cars in their entire grandeur.

The Automobile Museum in Malaga is an innovative museum that goes beyond traditional approaches and that will surely be one of the most interesting ones in Europe.

The Museum is situated in the Avenue Sor Teresa Prat, 17 – Malaga.

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