Innovative commercial and leisure offers in the new terminal T3 in Malaga

6.000 square metres of bars, cafes and restaurants and 2.800 square metres of shops: Malaga Airport will become, after its enlargement, a shopping center of first order, with an irresistible attraction for any brand that boasts: over ten million visitors a year can become twenty. The lucky ones have already been selected.

Some of the brands that will land at the Airport Pablo Ruiz Picasso in Malaga are

unprecedented in Spain, as Caviar House & Prunier, a restaurant focused on more sybaritic tastes, or Whopper Bar, an innovative concept of burger that Burger King recently launched and of which there are only two stores in the world today: one in Florida and one in Munich. The American coffee chain Starbucks has also chosen the airport grounds to make her debut in the province.

In the commercial arena highlights the incorporation of a National Geographic store, which will be the first one in the world of this brand located at an airport. Moreover, the new terminal in Malaga will feature Ferrari after repeating its success in Barcelona. Adidas, Adolfo Dominguez, Cottet and Swarovski, among other firms, will be their neighbors.

Special mention deserves the Moraga Airport, a restaurant of local top chef Dani Garcia, awarded with a Michelin star.

5.880 square metres of the new terminal will be dedicated to bars and restaurants such as Soho Coffee, Caviar House, Caffee Ritazza, Pizza Hut, Burger King, O’Leary’s, Starbucks, La Moraga Airport, Whopper Bar, Vips, Upper Crust, Gambrinus, Dehesa Santa María, Café y Té, La Lechera, Guinness, Dehesa Santa María and Gambrinus.

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