Cheap flights to the Caribbean to spring from new Malaga airline

Andalus Lineas AereasA group of businessmen are forming a new airline, Andalus Líneas Aéreas, with the aim of offering cheap, direct flights to the Caribbean by December, and later open up the offerings to popular demand, most likely destinations in South/Central America and Morocco. Several of these venture capitalists were executives in the former Air Madrid airline which – according to the new company’s headman Fernando Guerrero – failed because it was overtaken by a company with no experience in the sector. He stresses that this new airline is the first truly Andalusian airline, since they will be based out of the Malaga Airport and acting in the interest of Andalusians. He says Andalus aims to become “the airline that meets the mobility needs of every Andalucian, who can fly to major tourist destinations virtually from their doorstep,” without having to go through larger cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

Andalus officially presented their business venture to the public on May 30 at EUROAL 2008, an international tourism convention held in Torremolinos. They have invested 12 million Euros (9.5 million pounds) in this multi-phase endeavour, and will start with a staff of 97 employees, 2 short/medium-range planes and 1 long-range plane.

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