Car hire sector decays in nearly 90% due to denial of banks for funding

The car hire sector actually is experiencing a strange paradox during this high season: The demand for hiring cars is much higher than the actual offer.

This situation, which is displeasing for both, tourist and hiring companies, is due to the lack of financing. During the present year, car hiring companies had to encounter mayor difficulties obtaining credit which had a sensitive impact in renovation or extension of their fleet.
Car hire

For practical purposes, this means getting in touch with the car hiring company well in advance to make sure the booking, especially if you are looking for a vehicle of a more economic range.

Nevertheless, the small and medium large car hiring companies in Malaga affirm availability of cars, although nearly discarding the possibility of election of the model. By this time of the year, only can be guaranteed the days that have been reserved in advance. More difficult is the situation at the airport, if you want to hire to hire something on arrival without previous booking.

Both clients and agents confirm another law of the market: Before a lesser offer, the prices rise.
Car hiring companies prefer to label this increase as a “regularization” of the relatively low prices during the last years due to a fierce competency. As well the affirm that the impression of higher cost is due to the fact that by being unavailable the cheaper range, the client necessarily has to restore to a higher range.

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