New Port Station Expected to Bring More Cruise Tourism

Malaga Port Cruise TerminalThe new terminal, officially inaugurated last December, received its first traffic last week with the landing of MSC Orchestra and Costa Serena cruise liners, both Italian. The station is capable of handling 5 cruise ships and about 5,000 passengers a day. Last year almost 300,000 cruise passengers came through Malaga. Authorities project this figure to be at 370,000 this year and to double within the next five years. Since the new terminal boasts Malaga port’s first facilities for handling customs and baggage, port and city leaders are hoping travellers will appreciate the modern facilities and feel welcomed, increasing tourism and boosting the local economy. Undoubtedly this includes the hope that major hitters in the cruise line industry (read: Royal Caribbean and Carnival) will sign up Malaga as one of their stops, or better yet, their final destination.

Malaga Port – official page
Malaga Port – Economic Interest Group

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